Our Story

Manahan is a menswear label inspired by traveling and how it shapes us - how we see, how we look, how we think, and how we lose ourselves, try new things, then find ourselves once again.

We start by journeying to far flung lands and begin living and breathing other ways of doing and seeing. We get uncomfortable, and we learn.

We also travel through time, exploring the heritage of clothes and their fabrics, investigating how they were once used and for what purpose, and whose stories they once told.

From this, we create our own world, building it from both memory and fantasy, telling the stories we heard and creating stories we wish to tell. 
Documented by pencil and paintbrush, our world takes shape in line, colour, texture and form.

Our story enters reality through pattern, cutting and sewing. Everything from the fabric right down to the buttons work in harmony to recreate this world of ours which we invite you to explore.

When the time is right, we begin all over again in another world and another time, with yet another story to tell.